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From where to where does it reach,
this light of Truth?
If nothing intercepts,
this original light can
spread in all directions limitlessly.
But we build thick walls
shutting it out,
hide in private holes,
privately nurture vicious ego-habits;
even the word 'Buddha' a stain on no-mind.
When we are free and empty within the jungle of our habitual monkeys and clouds
in this moment,
in the midst of this firing world-reality,
the life of infinite light of Truth,
the innocent nature of no-mind, no-ego,
infinite love of the cosmic-eco-symphony
is fulfilled naturally,
in this encounter.
This is it!
Hôgen Yamahata
Extract from the book
Falling Leaves, A Shooting Sprout...


28 - 30
Family Constellations
 with Ignacio de la Fuente Dôshin (Code: CF)
Based on Bert Hellinger’s sistemic therapy, Family Constellations put the individual in touch with a family soul (the deep consciousness directing the destiny of a family) offering the possibility to heal the past and establish a new order between its members. A new perspective on life emerges from the recognition of what is and from the love born out of our experience of unity with all living  beings. Possible to attend the course in order just to come in touch with this therapy or to work aspects of one’s life, family or couple relationships.
Do-shin (Ignacio de la Fuente) trained in Family Constellations with Holistic Therapist Carmen Garcia Pedrosa.  He lives near Madrid where he teaches Yoga and Music.
5 - 7
Chinese Shadows between Heaven and Earth...
Chi Kung... Shiatsu...
 with Rolando Geider (Code: QQ)
Rolando Geider studied at the Shiatsu European School in the line of Masunaga Sensei (Zen Shiatsu). Also practices Qi Gong and Reiki and studies Chinese Traditional Medicine at the Nei JingTian  School. Lives in Malaga.
Thursday 11 - Sunday14
Holotropic Breathwork & Zen Meditation
with Isabel Marquina, Mariano Cruz Fajardo  & Shingan (Francis) (Code: RH)
Through a slightly faster and deeper breathing, we reach an altered state of consciousness in which starts an exploration work of our psyche. With the help of our ”Ďnner Healer”, we get in touch with those forgotten experiences that left their prints in our ways of perceiving and responding to life.
We will alternate Breathing with some Zen Meditation practice, that is, moments of silent inner alertness, in an attitude of complete presence to what the present moment offers us, without choice or preference, opening to the spaciousness of Here-Now.
We would like to let you know that the practice of Holotropic Breathwork can give rise to an important physical or emotional activity. For this reason, the therapy is not indicated in case of pregnancy, heart disease, glaucoma, epilepsy, severe infeccious processes, severe psychiatric disorders, bone fractures and recent surgery interventions.
Isabel and Mariano were trained by Stan Grof and his collaborators. Certified by GTT.
19 - 21
Zen  Meditation Retreat
 with Shingan (Francis) (Code: SZ1)
A sesshin is an intensive period of meditation, open to all, experienced practitioners or beginners, though it might be advisable to have previous experience or have followed some introduction course.
“The most important basis for our sesshin is not rules but silence. Usually we are too stuffed with rubbish and noises (our thoughts, ideas and logics). We can easily waste our whole life in vain by following and trusting them. To come back to the silence of our original sitting position is therefore our task. The work period is also an important opportunity to practise moving Zen in your own deep silence. Please be mindful and peaceful whatever you do and wherever you are. Just do one thing at one time with your whole cosmos. Nothing else.  “ Hôgen
16 - 18
Shiatsu Massage
with Angeles Sanchez Ramos (Code: SH)
Shiatsu is a traditionnal massage from Japan. The pressure is realized by the fingers though its origin is the centre of the Self (Hara), opening in such a way a path towards the conscious fusion with the universal Chi.
Angeles Sanchez Ramos studied at the Shiatsu European School fin the line of Masunaga Sensei (Zen Shiatsu).  Lives in Malaga.
19 - 21
Zen  Meditation Retreat
 with Shingan (Francis) (Code: SZ2)
This autumn, Francis Shingan will conduct Zen meditation weekends in different places of Andalucía:
- from November 2 to 4, at Centro Sadhana, Sevilla. Contact Juan Carlos, 954.22.96.42.
- from November 9 to 11, in Porto (Portugal). Contact: UBP. email: ubporto@gmail.com
Weekends open to all, beginners or not.

The Miracle of Dana

“Dana is a Sanskrit word meaning generosity, to give. At its highest level, it is to open oneself unconditionally, in the ten directions, to surrender oneself to life completely.
Jikô An was constituted and is growing in this spirit of Dana. Arisen from a dream of our master Hôgen, it materialized in the Alpujarras in the south of Spain thanks to the generosity of many friends from many countries.
To give without expecting anything in exchange – This principle keeps manifesting through the ceaseless work of our master, the dedication of the residents, teachers and all those who want to participate in the project. 
How is JikôAn economically sustainable with such low suggested prices? In fact only because all the activities are non lucrative... The teachers do not receive any fixed income: their travel and stay expenses are covered (7€/day/person) and they only depend on the donation box filled by the participants. The residents who maintain the centre and organize the activities do not receive any other income from the Community than boarding, medicine and a monthly stipend of 150€. Thus, the suggested prices cover the centre maintenance and a gradual improvement of the accomodations.
For Jikô An to be possible, you can contribute in each course during one hour daily helping the functioning of the place:... washing up dishes, working in the kitchen or garden, chopping wood... All these useful and necessary tasks are a wonderful way to practice meditation in action, that is, to cultivate minddfulness, a loving presence in all that is done, maintaining Noble Silence. Noble Silence is not a prohibition to talk but rather a skillful means to cut off our compulsive habits that lead us astray from peace. All together, thanks to our practice, we do create the atmosphere of luminous quietness of the place.
Throughout the year, we organize periods of Samu during which we dedicate ourselves to practice formal meditation (Zen and Yoga) and Samu (Working meditation), sharing the life and daily tasks of the centre, team work in a serene surrounding. If you have any special skill that you would like to offer, please let us know.
From Heart to Heart.
Jikô An is a Zen Meditation Centre located in the Alpujarras, Sierra Nevada (at about 4,500 feet), which was founded by Japanese Zen Master Hôgen Yamahata. Surrounded by silent and spacious mountains, the Mediterranean sea in the distance, it is an ideal place to relax and discover the profundity of our spiritual dimension.
Maximum 20 places.
To book:
1) Pre-reservation by phone or email.
2) Booking will be effective after sending a bank transfer of 20€ for a weekend course (60€ for a six day course) to the bank account of Caja Granada nş 2031 0354 61 0100010165, indicating your name and course code number. 
3) Confirmation  by phone at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. If not, automatic cancellation and no refund.
Jikô An is a non-profit making centre. It means that the prices we suggest only cover food and lodging, maintenance, organisation and the teachers’ travel expenses (according to each one’s economical situation):
25 Euros /day, student or unemployed
28 Euros /day, low income
31 Euros /day, high income
Free donation for the activities. We have a donation box at your disposition to help the
teachers to keep sharing their practices.
We offer you simple accomodation and vegetarian food.
Please bring your sleeping bag, a flashlight and comfortable clothing for the practice.
All the courses will begin in the evening of the first day mentioned (dinner at 9.30 pm) and end after lunch on the last day.
How to come to Jikô An:
     Jikô An is located in the Sierra above the village of Yegen (6 kms by dirt track). If you come by air, the closest international airports are Almeria and Malaga. By road, it is accessible from Granada (2h30) or Almeria (2h00).
     There is a local bus service (Alsina Graells), twice a day from Granada to Yegen (line Granada-Ugijar - 8.30 AM and 5.30 PM). We can come and pick you up in Yegen if you confirm your time of arrival in advance.
Activities organized by the Open Way Zen Buddhist Community.
18.460 YEGEN
(Granada) - SPAIN
Tel: 958.34.31.85.// 958.85.13.44.
If you enjoy the quietness and wild beauty of the place,
  If you see the importance of such centres like Jikô An in offering the possibility to all to come back to the spring of one’s true nature,
  If you want to help Hôgen in the realization of his work,
  If you want to collaborate with the growth and improvement of his retreat centre,
  We invite you to become a Member of the Open Way Zen Buddhist Community.
 The Open Way Zen Buddhist Community (Comunidad Budista Zen del Camino Abierto) is a non profit making religious entity registered in the Justice Ministry in Madrid, Spain with the nş 277-SG and in the Ministry of Finances with the CIF-G-18351858.
To be a Member of the Open Way Zen Buddhist Community doesnot imply being a buddhist nor zen; Beyond all labels, it is to recognize the wealth of the Open Way, the miracle of the meeting Here-Now, the direct experience of our true nature.
As a Member, you can take part in the yearly General Assembly with right of vote as fixed in the Statutes of the Community, and help with its development.
Functionning without profit aims, we intent to cover the maintenance and organization expenses and suggest the minimal prices of stay.
In the same spirit, we advocate for a free donation for the activities and have a donation (dana) box at your disposition to help the teachers to keep sharing their practices.
May Jikô An be a real Open Way Centre, a meeting point for all those who are in the quest of Truth.
The actual membership fee is of 13 Euros pr month (or 156 Euros per year).
It is possible to do a bank transference every mont, 3 months, 6 months or yearly to the Community account.
Also possible to make exceptional donations, without any commitment, for a specific project of the centre in general.
We keep to your disposal a copy of the Statutes of the Community.
I want to express my desire to become a Member of the Open Way Zen Buddhist Community, with the rights and obligations as specified in the Statutes.
Name and Family name:
Pincode.:                           Town:
Province and Country:
Telephone:                        Email:
IC Number and Signature:
(Send to Jikô An)


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